Saturday, October 2, 2010

18 Game Regular Season

There is word that an 18 game regular season is in the future. Although this makes for more football for us to watch and more money for the owners, the players and coaches are not for it. Rookies especially, who are trying to make a team, will have less preseason games to play in and show what they have to offer. The increase in the regular season will mean a decrease in the preseason by two games. That’s 120 minutes less to evaluate rookies and players. It’s 120 minutes less for the starters to get the feel of the game again. The time during the preseason is crucial for developing a rapport between players and for teaching the rookies the ropes of NFL football. Receivers who need time to practice their timing with quarterbacks will have less time and in effect be less effective during games. The added two games also means there will be greater chance for injury during the season. In a time where the NFL is trying to lower the amount of injuries, the NFL increases the chance of injury by adding two additional games. Teams that make it to the Superbowl will have to play 22 games in one season. Sure we would all like to see more football on Sundays, but at what cost?

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