Sunday, October 10, 2010

Randy Moss Trade a Bad Thing?

Earlier this week, the New England Patriots traded wide receiver Randy Moss to the Vikings. The trade was made for a third and seventh round pick of next year’s draft. Randy Moss helped Tom Brady in making their 2007 offense one of the best offense’s in NFL history. During Randy Moss’ stay at New England, he managed to break the record for most touchdowns in a season. He was always a deep threat with the potential to get a touchdown on every catch. This trade would seem like bad news to an already struggling New England team. Tom Brady no longer has a deep threat to take off coverage from Wes Welker and other receivers. What this trade does allow though is the ability for Tom Brady to just throw it to his open receiver like he did before Randy Moss arrived. He would force throws to Randy Moss which would occasionally end in interceptions because their game plan and Moss’ ego would call for that. Now he has the freedom to just hit the open receiver. Tom Brady can now go back to his old form and let his receivers get open. Randy Moss was going to be let go after this season so they were able to get something for him. Now the Patriots can look to develop other younger receivers who will eventually be able to make New England’s offence potent again.

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