Sunday, October 10, 2010

Contract Holds

Every year you hear about NFL players holding out for a better contract. They sign a contract, play good football and ask for more money. When they are not given the money asked for, they hold out. I don’t think people working other jobs go up to their boss and demand more money after doing well. NFL players think they should get more money than they originally agreed to if they feel like they are playing at a higher level, but would they return money if they underperformed. The answer is no. NFL players are quick to ask for money when they over perform their contract but usually never give money back when they under perform. A contract is a contract for a reason and players should stick to it and not bring up unnecessary drama by holding out and not playing. NFL athletes are usually looked up to by younger kids and this example of holding out when they do not get what they want is harmful to kids. They are better off playing it out and getting awarded after they continue to work hard. NFL athletes are already getting enough money as it is and they do not need to behave this way to receive more. These are just my thoughts on contract holds by some NFL players.

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  1. This is a plague on all major sporting leagues around the world, I'm afraid. As you point out, a contract is a contract, and players would not be willing to take a pay cut if they under-performed or lost form over a season. Another problem is the way so many young players (regardless of the sport) get massive pay contracts before they've even proven themselves to be worth it. There needs to be some serious reevaluation of sports salaries in the future if these guys are not going to lose all credibility with the public...but then the public is very gullible and willing to worship these greedy players regardless of what they do, it seems.