Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jacksonville vs Indianapolis

During this weeks Jacksonville-Indianapolis matchup, the two teams went out on a shootout that ended in Jacksonville’s favor. The Jaguars ran all over the Colts once again while Peyton Manning tried to do what he does best. The Jaguars started off the game by scoring a touchdown on a run by Jaguars’ quarterback, David Gerrard. The Colt’s answered back with a touchdown of their own. The two teams battled it out staying within a touchdown of each other throughout the game. During the third quarter, the Jaguars made a touchdown to make the score 21-14. Indianapolis answered back with a  96 yard drive that ended with a 2 yard run from Joseph Addai. Once again Jacksonville scored another touchdown to take the lead at 28-21. This time it was a touchdown pass from David Gerrard to Mercedes Lewis. Peyton Manning rallied another comeback with a one yard touchdown pass to Austin Collie. The Jaguars got the ball with very little time left. The game appeared to be headed into overtime. The Jaguars got into what appeared to be field goal range with just under 15 seconds left. They attempted a pass to get closer but Colts’ cornerback Kelvin Hayden nearly intercepted the pass. His dropped interception would come back to haunt him. With five seconds left, Josh Scobee attempted a 59 yard field goal. The field goal was good and made the score 31-28 to end the game.

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